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Single Phase Transformers

UP Transformers (India) Pvt. Ltd is one of the most respected single phase transformer manufacturer for Industrial, household, official, apartment purposes. Transformers are tested at CPRI, Indore.

Continuous power supply is fuel to the growth of economy and nation as a whole. It is one of the pillars of basic infrastructure on which rests the industrial growth of a country. Industries not just need uninterrupted power supply but they also need to be arranged for cost effective energy sources. Thermal power has been the major source of electricity in our country and transformer manufacturers work in tandem with the vision of various governments to develop efficient, low-cost power generation and distribution infrastructure.

High-Efficiency Single Phase Transformer

Single phase transformers are extremely vital for low-loss distribution of electricity. It is our commitment to deliver low-loss energy efficient transformers that UPT is today stood among the lead manufacturers and suppliers of electricity transformers. The core of transformer is made using high grade prime CRGO steel to ensure low-loss of electricity during transmission.

Primary and secondary coils are made using aluminum conductor with high-quality insulation papers. Its coils are made in such a way that these are able to withstand intense voltage fluctuations. Single phase transformer has two windings; viz. Primary winding and secondary winding. These are separated from each other, but actually these are wound on one and same core. However, secondary coil (meant for output) is placed in such a manner that it is separated from the input. Isolating input side and isolator output sides are independent from each other except a magnetic linkage that attaches the two.

UP Transformers (India) Pvt. Ltd excels in manufacturing energy efficient single phase transformers. Our expertise and experience in delivering global standard transformers has earned the reputation of being most respected transformer manufacturers.

Choosing a Single Phase Transformer

Choosing a single phase transformer requires extensive research and little bit of analysis of prevailing distribution conditions. First, the scope of power distribution includes the areas where electricity is to be supplied. Second, the extent of volume and transmission resources forms the basis of choosing a right single phase transformer.

UP Transformers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is among the most respected manufacturers of distribution and power transformers. Our in-house team of technical and power experts would be easing out your power-supply and distribution related complexities. They sit together to discuss all major and minor aspects which are among contributing factors to ensure seamless and efficient power distribution and supply.

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