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Electrical Transformers

Use of electrical transformers is vital across diverse industries as well as government electricity supply projects. These transformers are basically used for “transforming” voltage from one level to another, (Mostly from higher level to the lower or acceptable level). Electrical transformers apply rule of magnetic induction to between coils to transform voltage or electric current levels.

Components of Electrical Transformers

An electrical transformer is generally made up of specific coils along with ferromagnetic core. These coils are known as “windings”. Changing current levels in primary winding, results in generation of magnetic field in the core. This magnetic field is multiplied to several folds through secondary windings and this in turn induces alternating voltage in the secondary coils.

Types of Electrical Transformers

Different types of electrical transformers are designed for different purposes. These transformers can be classified in two broad categories; Distribution and Power Transformers. Some common types of electrical transformers include;

Current Transformers

Current transformers are best for large scale power lines. These transformers allow you to use an ammeter without inserting them directly into the circuit. Its hoop-like core is placed around the larger line which acts as a single-winding primary-circuit. Ammeter is connected with secondary circuit. The current of primary circuit can be calculated from that of secondary circuit.

Signal Matching Transformers

Due to use of low-power levels by the communications industry, power loss is one of the major concerns. This creates issues in maintaining consistent signal connectivity. Signal Matching Transformers are specifically designed to address these issues. Role of signal transformers include conveying frequency from one circuit to another circuit. With signal matching transformers maximum power transfer can be achieved by matching two circuits.


These transformers are different from that of traditional transformers in the sense they share a common winding. There lies an end terminal at each end of the core for winding. Autotransformers also have a secondary winding that connects at an intermediary point forming a third terminal. Primary and secondary terminals conduct primary voltage while the third terminal is responsible for providing a secondary form of voltage working with either first or second terminal.

UP Transformers (India) cherishes vision of delivering high quality energy efficient solutions with a consistent focus on “Less Loss of electricity” in Transmission and Distribution of electricity. As the need to conserve energy increases manifold the biggest role is played by transformer manufacturers to save energy “as much as possible” during power supply.

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